Below are frequently asked questions we receive.

Obviously this is not the only question we get, so if you don’t see your answer here, please get in touch!

Are you guys photographers?

We sure are! The founder, Blake Lemmons, started photography while going to college and he’s kept going ever since! For locals as well as those looking for a destination photographer, we shoot weddings, adventure and more!

Do you make websites?

We do make websites! In fact, we build the backend platforms that run a lot of websites as well. Need an app? Let us know! We teach businesses and individuals how to build sites as well.

What does Gorilla Public mean? was registered years ago. It came from the idea of “gorilla marketing” and working with the public. It is a name, a brand, that has stuck ever since. Now we look at the term, “Gorilla Public,” as something that stands for those of us who take a stand, stand tall and simply do what needs to be done.

Are your prints original?

Yes! We do not sell, nor post, images that we did not capture ourselves. We do occasionally add an extra graphic to the images as we design some of them. For example, the Harry Potter Flyby print, obviously we cannot shoot Harry on a broom, so he was added to the shot we captured of Hogwarts at Universal Studios.

Do you plan on adding more swag?

Most definitely. We love our brand, image, and especially our logo, and would love to see it on much more. However, we are cautious about the quality and style of gear that our brand might be on, so we are selective about what we sell or who we co-brand with.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, to a certain extent. We are a small studio, so we can’t afford to simply accept any and every return, just because. We do accept returns and exchanges on anything that might be damaged or simply an error in production. We design everything, but our prints and apparel are produced and shipped by a third-party. If you have an issue, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located on 8 beautiful acres up on a ridge in the magical town of Murphys, CA. The art, food, and of course wine scene is wonderful. We encourage anyone looking for a getaway to come and visit this area. We don’t have a place for visitors to our studio, but we do occasionally accept visitors.

Do you produce custom prints?

Absolutely! If you’ve got an idea, simply get In touch and we’ll see what we can do!